Zinta Makes Complaint About Paparazzi

Zinta Makes Complaint About Paparazzi

Preity Zinta has made a complaint about the behaviour of the media, during her visit to a Sai Baba temple.

The actress, who was on a private visit to the pilgrimage site 300km outside Mumbai, said that her trip was spoiled by the media.

The Kal Ho Naa Ho star posted on her Twitter page: "Good morning. Went to Shirdi yesterday and came back with memories of media pushing me instead of the serene face & energy of Sai Baba (sic)."

Zinta, who was awarded an honorary degree from the University of East London last year, expressed her anger in a number of posts on the social networking site.

"In front of God we bare ourselves and look to purify our soul. Instead of feeling uplifted I came back feeling sad and deprived from Shirdi."

Actor Himesh Reshammiya caused controversy when he visited a religious site in Ajmer hidden beneath a burqa.
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