Rumer Willis’s tight red curls: unfortunate or cute?

Rumer Willis’s tight red curls: unfortunate or cute?


Oh, honey. NO. These are photos of Rumer Willis attending some event for Badgley-Mischka last night. She changed her hair significantly. A few months ago, when she became “the face” of Badgley-Mischka, she had very, very dark brown-red hair, long and wavy. Just a few weeks ago, when Rumer Willis was front-row at Badgley-Mischka’s runway show (with Kelly Osbourne), her hair was more red than brown, but still longer and wavy.

The longer, wavy style really suits her face - it softens her unfortunate head-shape and makes her look more feminine. Last night, Rumer Willis showed off this new hair - more red, and tight curls around the face. It is just horrible.

So, now we know - Rumer Willis cannot do tight curls around her face. Honestly, though, I don’t think very many women could pull that hairstyle off. Which reveals the bigger problem: Rumer Willis still doesn’t know exactly what kind of hair, makeup and fashion suits her. Which wouldn’t be newsworthy if she was just some girl, but Rumer Willis has fashioned herself into some kind of model/actress/fashion girl/It Girl. Ugh.


Photos courtesy of WENN.
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