Oscar Winner Christian Bale's Family Flight

Oscar Winner Christian Bale's Family Flight

Preparing for an outbound flight, Christian Bale was spotted at LAX International Airport last night (March 1).

The “Machinist” actor was joined by his wife Sibi Blazic and their daughter Emmaline as he headed into the terminal.

Mr. Bale scored the Best Supporting Actor Oscar over the weekend, and his estranged mother Jenny says she tried to congratulate him via email but to no avail.

Mama Bale shared, “I hope this Oscar can bring us together. I stayed up late to watch on TV. I was nodding off but had to stay awake to see my son’s big moment.”

“There was Christian with long hair and a beard - he calls that his unemployed look. He grows his hair long and a beard between roles in case he needs them for a new part. The family are so pleased for him. This Oscar is well deserved. I saw other celebrities there with their mothers and got upset. I would have loved to have been there by his side.”

"I'd love Christian to walk through the door right now. I'd give him a big hug and a kiss and we could forget about the last three years. I don't know why he's doing this."

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