Miley Cyrus’ “Saturday Night Live” Hosting Promo

Miley Cyrus’ “Saturday Night Live” Hosting Promo

Her public image has taken a beating as of late, but that’s not stopping Miley Cyrus from hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

The “Hannah Montana” actress appears in a series of promotional videos with SNL cast member Kenan Thompson to hype up the gig.

And in one of the clips, Kenan asks Miley “Is this cool?” to which she replies, “Yeah, it’s cool.” Thompson follows up, “How cool?” and Miley takes the bait- “It’s PRETTY cool!”

Of course, they were playing on the spoof skit “The Miley Cyrus Show” that has become so popular this season. The Strokes will be the musical guest of the night.

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