Mel Gibson Taken to the Cleaners By Oksana

Mel Gibson Taken to the Cleaners By Oksana

Charlie Sheen says Mel Gibson is one cool dude.

At some point, Gibson may want to take a critical lesson from his admirer and start #WINNING. Lately in court, dude's been doing anything but.

Oksana Grigorieva and her team of lawyers have scored yet another victory against Gibson, who must cough up $300,000 for her legal fees.

What the F*%k Happened?
WOE IS MEL: Gibson must pay the $300,000 immediately.

Oksana's lawyers, which total more than 40, have asked for a figure exceeds an incredible $3 million. This for a custody battle involving one child, mind you.

They've also defended Oksana against extortion allegations, of course, and helped her make the case that Mel committed domestic violence against her.

He is likely to be charged soon, sources say. It's unclear how much Mel has paid in legal fees thus far, but talk about running up a tab, with no end in sight.

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