Justin Bieber apologizes for flipping the bird to the paparazzi

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Flipping The Bird to The Paparazzi


Justin Bieber just turned 17 years old, and as Kaiser reported yesterday he celebrated by going out on the town with his 18 year-old girlfriend, Disney star Selena Gomez, after spending the night with Selena Gomez in a hotel suite unsupervised. (I just reverted back to grade school and heard the word “ooooooh” in my mind.) In photos taken on the Bieb’s birthday night, Selena Gomez looked upset and was covering her face.

Apparently there were rumors that she had a fat lip from getting hit in the face by a crazed Bieber fan. That’s not true, according to her rep, although People Magazine notes that it did look like something was wrong with her mouth. It looks like she has a split lip, so maybe she fell or something.

One thing that is true is that Bieber flipped off the paparazzi that night. Selena Gomez was upset and trying to hide, Bieber looked mad, and I think it’s safe to assume that the kid was fed up. The paparazzi regularly scream all sorts of nasty things trying to get a reaction out of celebrities and flipping the bird is a relatively mild response.

Biebs was probably feeling protective of Selena Gomez for whatever reason, and I don’t blame him for doing that. Look at this picture of how the two were swarmed. There are probably more photographers outside the frame.

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Justin Bieber has apologized for flipping the bird, which seems to have happened quickly as our two photo agencies that have pictures of that night didn’t catch it. He tweeted: “had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better… im sorry… it’s not always easy but i know better than to react in anger.”

I would say there’s no reason to apologize for something so minor, but Bieber has fans that are extremely young and impressionable, especially now that he has that movie out. Just yesterday my six year-old son asked me if I knew who “Justin Beaver” was. I said I did, and that he’s 17 and a singer from Canada but that his name is “Justin Bieber.” My son was all, “ok, but I call him Justin Beaver.

Then he told me that a friend of his from school had drawn a photo of Justin Beaver jumping out of a burning plane. I’m not kidding! He also asked me if he could see any photos of Justin Beaver on my website, as he knows I write about celebrities. I’m glad we didn’t post ones of Beaver flipping the bird.

When you’ve got fans barely out of kindergarten you have to be extremely careful what you say and do, and Beaver knows that. I’m still trying to figure out if my kid’s friend was just drawing Beaver in a cool action-type sequence or if he was annoyed by him and was putting him in a dangerous situation. I bet that kid has an older brother or sister who loves Beaver, at least I hope so.





Photos credit: WENN.com
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