Charlie Sheen's Publicity-Laden Weekend

Charlie Sheen's Publicity-Laden Weekend

Making for quite the publicity-laden weekend, Charlie Sheen continued to be a hot topic while being plastered throughout the web and television stations over the past few days.

Kicking things off, the troubled "Two and a Half Men" actor debuted a live webcast on Saturday night from Sober Valley Lodge called "Sheen's Korner".

Drawing over 100,000 viewers tuned in at the same time, the 50-minute offering featured multiple segments including “Wish They Were Me” and “Weighing in With Rick”.

Shortly after "Sheen's Korner" came to a close, Charlie found himself the subject of a new parody via "Saturday Night Live" in a sketch called "Duh! Winning!”.

The segment saw Sheen (played by Bill Hader) welcoming guests for sitdown chats including Christina Aguilera, John Galliano, Muammar Qaddafi and Lindsay Lohan (played by host Miley Cyrus).

To cap it all of, a DeadLine report tells that the 45-year-old is planning on releasing a range of official Charlie Sheen gear including "T-Shirts carrying the Winning slogan as one of the top items."

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