Celine Dion Baptized Her Twin Boys In Las Vegas

Celine Dion Baptized Her Twin Boys In Las Vegas

Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil baptized their four-month-old twin sons, Eddy and Nelson over the weekend. The Christening took place at the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, in a ceremony that featured chanted prayers and songs.

A family rep commented on the Melkite Greek Catholic rite saying:
“It was a beautiful, traditional family ceremony.”
Both boys wore Baby Dior gowns, while their 10-year-old brother Rene-Charles, Celine’s sister Linda and Rene’s oldest children, Patrick, Jean-Pierre and Anne-Marie took the role of godparents.

The big event included 200 friends and family, including the doctors who helped Celine, conceive the babies through IVF and those who treated 69-year-old Rene when he had cancer over 10 years ago.

After the service, the twins napped while the family celebrated with a reception at Caesars Palace where Celine is to debut her new show ‘Celine’ next week! Despite the gruelling schedule, Celine said she still plans on breastfeeding her boys. She said,
“I can either go to them or they can come to me – it’s going to be practical, it’s going to be easy since I’m still breastfeeding the babies, so it’s every three hours – for both.
“The show is an hour and 40 minutes. Then I have time to shower and get loose and relax and breastfeed the babies again and then have a bite and go to bed myself.”
She is one hard-working, hands-on mom, that’s for sure! Her first show ‘A New Day’ was spectacular, I can’t wait to see this one!

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Photos: FAME
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