Blake Lively in white, conservative Chanel: lovely or tragic?

Blake Lively in White, Conservative Chanel: Lovely or Tragic?


These are photos of Blake Lively in New York City last night, attending some kind of Chanel event in her honor. She’s wearing Chanel too - it’s a dress from the 2009 Chanel collection. I actually like the dress on her - Blake Lively looks good when she’s covered up and her bolt-ons aren’t so obvious.  

The Mail claims that Chanel is just about to launch Blake Lively as “the face” of Chanel Mademoiselle handbags in Paris, so I’m sure we’ll be getting photos of Blake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld any day now. Blake Lively isn’t wearing Chanel head-to-toe though - the shoes are Louboutin - did you know that Louboutin named one of their shoe designs after Blake Lively? Ugh, this chick.

In additional Blake Lively news, there was this interesting little tidbit in Page Six this morning:
Blake Lively shared lunch with businessman Vivi Nevo at media mecca Michael’s yesterday. The “Gossip Girl” star and the wealthy investor’s intense discussion had other diners buzzing. Blake Lively recently split with her co-star Penn Badgley while Nevo, reported to be an early backer of the Weinstein Co. and a major shareholder in Time Warner, split with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi in 2010. A rep for Lively insisted, “It was a business meeting,” but declined to say about what.
[From Page Six]
Because Blake Lively is known for her business savvy? Or did Blake Lively’s rep mean it was a “bidness” meeting? I’ll admit, this Page Six piece makes Blake Lively sound like a prostitute who “dates” the highest bidder. I’m not saying that’s what actually happened, I’m just saying that’s how it sounds.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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