Us Weekly: Billy Ray Cyrus is jealous of all of the attention Miley gets

Us Weekly: Billy Ray Cyrus is jealous of all of the attention Miley gets


Miley Cyrus’s drama with her father takes the covers of both Us Weekly and Star Magazine this week. We get an e-copy of Us Weekly as soon as it comes out, and last night I flipping through it when I stopped on the above layout. I mean… I love Us Weekly, and I think they’ve got good people working for them, but who gave the go ahead for this epic side-by-side? This is maybe the most inappropriate photo spread of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray, and that’s really saying something.

Anyway, the article is mostly a recap of previous Rogue Mullet stories that we’ve already covered - go here for his GQ article, and here for some of the fallout and breakdown. There are a couple of good quotes from insiders though:

    A Disney source tells Us Weekly” “He totally pushed Miley Cyrus into being a star!”

    Another insider says Billy Ray is simply jealous of his daughter: “He was always upset he didn’t get as much attention as Miley Cyrus. This is his way of stealing the spotlight.”

    And yet other insiders claim that Billy Ray is just lashing out because he and Miley Cyrus were already on the outs. “Billy Ray already had a huge fight with Miley Cyrus over her behavior. She won’t talk to him anymore, so he sees no problem voicing his opinion to whomever will listen.”

    Before Miley Cyrus turned 18, Billy did little to rein in Miley Cyrus, and according to one source, he even used to tip off the paparazzi about Miley Cyrus’s whereabouts to ensure she’d get photographed.

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Some more little pieces of information - Team Mullet says Tish lets Miley Cyrus do whatever she wants too, while Team Miley Cyrus says that Tish is the disciplinarian. Whatever. Even though I think this family is a train wreck, I also tend to want to give Miley Cyrus a break. Yeah, her image is way too sexed up and provocative and she shouldn’t be drinking or drugging… but Jesus, what were you doing when you were 18?

Cover and screencap of the Us Weekly’s layout, courtesy of Us Weekly.
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