Live! The 2011 Grammy Awards Winners & More

Live! The 2011 Grammy Awards Winners & More

We’ll be updating this post continuously with the winners as they’re announced – so if you don’t want to know, close your eyes!!!

They’re starting off with a great tribute to Aretha Franklin. Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch, Jennifer Hudson, Martina Mcbride and Yolanda Adams have the honor of collaborating on this one. Are you watching? Thoughts?? Wow! Aretha looks AMAZING!!

Train’s acceptance speech: “thank you Justin Bieber for not being a duo or group”. LOL!

Here comes Gaga in her egg….. the incubation must be over. What did you think of that performance? It was fairly tame, right?

So, we’re 40 minutes and only 1 award given out so far. I’m wondering if Matthew Bellamy’s sparkly suit jacket is an homage to Twilight’s Edward – ya know, since Muse is on each of the soundtracks and all. Haha!

Justin Bieber is up. Wow, is there anything these Smith kids can’t do?? What’d you think of Jaden hopping in on Justin’s performance?

We finally got a few more red carpet shots (see gallery): Monica, Ciara, Martina McBride, and Florence Welch.

Lady Gaga thanked Whitney Houston in her acceptance speech for pop vocal album – giving her a shout out for being the person who she pictured singing “Born This Way” when she didn’t think she was enough of a super star to do it on her own.

Yes, we’re at an hour and 39 minutes and still only 4 awards. Kinda crazy, right?

Speaking of crazy, I tried to do a search on “Mumford & Sons” after their performance with Bob Dylan and the internet has just about crashed with people trying to find out about them – their wikipedia page won’t even load! LOL!

Gwyneth Paltrow is KILLING it! Up on that piano rocking it out!

Awww, did you catch the wedding videos in the background during the beginning of Katy Perry’s performance? I might have to rewind it now.

Um, John Mayer, Johnny Depp called and wants his “The Tourist” look back. Sorry, had to get that out.
Let’s dish on the Rihanna/Eminem/Dr. Dre performance! What’d you think? I had goosebumps!
Just an FYI – I’ll repost the winner’s list in a new post after the awards so you don’t have to wade through my random babble!

A few new pics are up in the gallery! Crystal Bowersox, Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, Drake, and Amber Riley.

Everyone is on their feet for Mick Jagger’s performance. I love the camera pans of the audience – Nicole Kidman gettin’ her groove on. Too funny!

I don’t mean this disrespectfully at all, but Barbra Streisand is reminding me of Jennifer Aniston in a huge way tonight!

Did Diddy change his name again? The announcer called him Puff Daddy?

The show is definitely running over tonight. They still have a few awards to give out, I believe and we’re at 11pm.

I’m guessing Rihanna & Drake are the last performers of the night? What did you think of what she wore?

Nope, not the last one! Arcade Fire – are you a fan??

And NOW we’re out!

Who was your favorite performance tonight?

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group: Hey, Soul Sister (Live) – Train
Best Female Country Performance: The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert
Best Rock Album: The Resistance – Muse
Best Pop Vocal Album: Fame Monster – Lady Gaga
Best Country Album: Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Song of the Year: Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Best New Artist: Esperanza Spaldin
Best Rap Album: Recovery – Eminem
Record of the Year: Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Best Dance Recording: Only Girl in the World – Rihanna
Best Rap Song: Empire State of Mind
Best Male Country Performance: ‘Til Summer Comes Around – Keith Urban
Album of the Year: The Suburbs – Arcade Fire









Photos by WENN
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