Lindsay Lohan’s crack lies fall apart after viewing surveillance tape

Lindsay Lohan’s crack lies fall apart after viewing surveillance tape

I’m about to write something absolutely shocking: Lindsay Lohan is a crackhead liar made of crack lies. I know! I’m clutching my pearls as we speak. So, remember how Lindsay Lohan stole that necklace and then sauntered around Venice Beach, cracked out of her skull, wearing the stolen necklace? And then the cops got a search warrant, and somebody at the police station tipped her off, and Lindsay didn’t want the cops to raid her place and find all of her hoarded drugs so she arranged for a friend to “drop off” the stolen necklace at the police station. Then, when the charges came down, Lindsay’s team of cracked-out enablers went into overdrive offering possible explanations for the crack thievery. They said Lindsay “borrowed” the necklace. They said the video surveillance would show that Lindsay just “accidentally” took the necklace, because her crack mind is weak and forgetful. They said Lindsay would be found innocent! Lindsay said that she was not raised to lie, cheat or steal. Well, guess what?

    A male shopping with Lindsay Lohan at the beachside jewelry store in Venice, California, distracted an employee as the Mean Girls star stole a gold designer necklace — this according to a law enforcement source who has intimate knowledge of the surveillance video.

    “Lindsay had removed a necklace of hers that she was wearing when she tried on the necklace in question,” the source close to the case told, exclusively.

    “As Lindsay was putting her necklace back on, it’s apparent the store clerk was distracted by the male companion that was with Lindsay.”

    The sales associate provided a statement to investigators claiming she didn’t realize that Lohan hadn’t taken the necklace off, has learned.

    “The video then shows Lindsay and her male friend walking out of the store, all while Lindsay was wearing the necklace,” said the source. “It’s all clearly visible on the video.”

    Lohan, 24, pleaded not guilty on February 8 to a single count of felony grand theft; if convicted, she could be sent to prison for up to three years. Worryingly for the starlet, prosecutors believe the store surveillance video is strong evidence against her and one source even described it as a “smoking gun”.

    “The District Attorney believes that Lindsay’s friend distracted the clerk on purpose and that could bolster the case if it goes to trial against Lindsay,” said the source. “This simply wasn’t a case of miscommunication of a necklace being loaned and not returned, as Lindsay has claimed.”

    “Distraction theft” — as it is known in some legal quarters — if proved, can help establish a criminal’s intent. Lohan’s high-powered lawyer Shawn Holley didn’t receive the video until Wednesday at L.A.’s Airport Courthouse, where the actress appeared before Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz for a routine hearing.

    “This case does involve jail time — period,” Schwartz told Lohan, warning actress that he would send her to jail if she accepted a plea deal offered by prosecutors. “If you plead in front of me — if this case resolves in front of me — you are going to jail. Period. It may be an issue as to amount of time.”

    Schwartz said that if Lohan rejects the offer the case will be set for a preliminary hearing in front of another judge; she must decide by her next court date on Thursday, March 10.

[From Radar]

So the surveillance tape that Team Crack claimed would VINDICATE Lindsay is somehow the most important evidence against her. Time for a plea, crackhead. And maybe the prosecution should talk to this dude who did the distractin’. I doubt he wants to hitch his wagon to Team Crack.
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