Katie Holmes in a Max Mara jumpsuit: unflattering, cute or just boring?

Katie Holmes in a Max Mara jumpsuit: unflattering, cute or just boring?


These are photos of Katie Holmes and her mom in Milan, at the Max Mara runway show on Thursday. I like her mom already - she looks animated and pleasant. Katie Holmes, on the other hand… goodness. Katie Holmes is wearing a brown, one-shoulder jumper/jumpsuit/thing from Max Mara.

Should I start with something nice? The color is nice on her. And the fabric choice is rich-looking, especially when you consider that Katie Holmes tends to make expensive clothes look cheap. I will also say that even though Katie Holmes still looks drained, out-of-it and robotic, she is much more animated here with her mother than she ever is with Tom.

Also: I love her manicure, and I love her bag. I want that bag, and Katie Holmes rarely has anything that I want. Now, for the bad stuff. This jumpsuit is made for someone really tall, really thin, with crazy long legs. Katie Holmes simply doesn’t look right in it. But she tries. Bless her heart, she tries.


You know what I think the problem is for Katie Holmes and this jumpsuit? It should have been a dress. Imagine that same one-shoulder top, in that color, with that fabric, only it’s knee-length or ankle-length dress. It would look so good on her.

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Photos courtesy of Fame
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