Kate Middleton’s first, official royal outing is deemed a “success” (video!)

 Kate Middleton’s first, official royal outing is deemed a “success” (video!)


I know I just covered this a few hours ago, but there are some new photos, a video, eyewitness accounts, and lots of good stuff. Today marked Kate Middleton’s first official outing as a soon-to-be-royal. She and William christened a lifeboat - go here for my earlier post.

There are more details: William didn’t let Kate Middleton speak before the gathered Welsh, but he did allow her to be the one to pour champagne on the hull. I love the photos of the two of them hamming it on the stage - and I like that William is openly affectionate with her. Like, he doesn’t have a problem putting his arm around her or openly enjoying her at his side.

It’s nice, and refreshing from a member of the royal family. Also, Kate Middleton had to sing the Welsh national anthem – “Hen Wlad fy NhaDau (Land of my Fathers)”. She practiced! Here’s the video - I love snooty British people, for real.

Also, it was really windy today in Wales, and Kate Middleton’s always-perfect coif got mangled in the wind. There are a few shots of her where she’s giving what I think is a bitchface, but I will also accept that her default expression is kind of bitchy.

As for the coat - it is by Katherine Hooker, and Kate Middleton has apparently had it for years. She was photographed in the same coat in 2006, at the Sheltenham Gold Cup - but in 2006, it was calf-length. The Telegraph reports that Kate Middleton brought it back into Katherine Hooker’s studio and had them shorten it. The coat has a name too! It’s “The London Contrast” in Shetland herringbone, with brown velvet trim. The ankle boots are Russell & Bromley.

Thanks to everyone who corrected me on Kate Middleton wearing a fascinator (not a “hatlet” as I called it). The fascinator was designed and handmade by Vivien Sheriff Millinery. Their spokeswoman Maddie O’Mahony tells People Magazine: “We saw it on the Internet and we were extremely happy… She has quite a few of our pieces and luckily she wore one of ours today.” It’s made of brown velvet and trimmed with pheasant feathers and a Welsh badge.

So… do you think it was everything Waity expected? This is what she was positioning herself for. For nine long years.

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Photos courtesy of WENN.
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