Kate Garraway : Flappequette and Vanity

Kate Garraway : Flappequette and Vanity

Kate Garraway Vanity Fair  

There’s something mildly horney about a famous woman weeping her heart out on your shoulder. Ever since Kate Garraway lost her dignity and went into a sobbing plea bargaining mess after being pictured smoking whilst pregnant I’ve had a soft spot for her. Women that cry, they get me every time, I couldn’t whisper baby maimer in her ear and kick her out of the car.

Why am I telling you this after all this time? Dunno, I guess when Kate lost her composure all over again, this time outside the Vanity fair party it sort of brought it back. Memories.

She was just telling everyone on Daybreak how Jamie Oliver somehow got an invite to the Vanity Fair party but he wasn’t exactly an A lister when Jamie and Jools happened to drool their way past her. Just like the smoking pregnancy incident Kate instantly lost it, threw dignity to the wind and chased Oliver down like he’d won an Oscar breakfast boner or something. She seemed to be blissfully unaware that her gush rush flappery was going out live on air.

Sadly ITV won’t release the clip so I have no choice but to show you a Kate Garraway upskirt mess instead. Sorry about that.

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