Kanye West thinks abortions cost about $50,000

Kanye West thinks abortions cost about $50,000


I hate wading into this issue, I really do. Fortunately, Kanye West is so far up his own ass that even his musings on abortion aren’t really political or controversial in the conventional sense. While Justin Bieber might spout an Jesusy anti-choice line, Kanye West isn’t going to over-think the heated political issue. Kanye West is going to breeze in with his own take. Kanye West doesn’t care about research or nothing! Kanye West just tweeted something “an abortion can cost … up to 50gs maybe a 100.” So… Kanye West thinks abortions cost $50,000? Up to $100,000?


[From Kanye West’s Twitter feed]

Well, at least Kanye West’s message comes with a note to “strap up” which I assume means something about wearing a condom…? Back to the issue of abortions costing up to $100,000… Is there such a thing as a designer abortion? Like, a luxury abortion? That’s all I can think of now, that rich people will pay more for anything, including luxury abortions, and Kanye West thinks this is normal.

Also - I’m still flabbergasted that Kanye West got an invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. You know his outfit is going to be hot. He’s totally going to wear white. And a veil.


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