James Franco and Anne Hathaway Attracted to One Another

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Attracted to One Another

Probably many would have thought that the Oscar host pair Anne Hathaway and James Franco was forced to work together for the event. However, it turned out that Anne and James actually received this offer because of ‘mutual interest’!

“When I was offered at first I said, ‘No, thank you. I guess this is not for me’. Then they contacted me again a few weeks later and said ‘James Franco will be the host as well’. I said, ‘Ooooooh, this will be very interesting! ‘”said Anne at the Good Morning America show.

And it was not only Anne, who was ”attracted’ to James, but in the other hand, James also had the same feeling. “Well, I’ve admired her from a few years ago,” said James which was immediately responded delightedly by Anne.

In fact, Franco had time to ‘take a chance’ by becoming the Oscar host with Anne, by approached her and asked if Anne was interested in marriage and having children.

“(This is) one of the reasons that made me excited about bringing the show with Anne. I thought I had the chance, but it turns out she has a boyfriend, so it would just be a dream. So? Just curious,” Franco said.

Hearing this, Anne answered with diplomatic tone that she hopes will become a mother within the next 5 years.

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