Diane Kruger Credits Joshua Jackson For Making Her Wiser

Diane Kruger Credits Joshua Jackson For Making Her Wiser

Unknown” actress Diane Kruger, who recently shared how she lives her life in anonymity, says that her boyfriend of 5 years, Joshua Jackson, has really helped her to expand her thinking when it comes to reading and learning about the world.
“Josh is someone who is very grounded. It’s pure, there’s no bulls**t. He is very curious and is someone who always reads and is very politically engaged. He awakened the urge to ask more questions. You can take so many things for granted, because you read them and think it must be true, and he’s not like that.”
That’s my thing in my thirties. I want to work on ‘me’ much more… Getting older, I realised I didn’t know anything. I felt incredibly stupid.
“I’ve always been very self-righteous. I’ve always been like, ‘I speak three different languages, I’m so accomplished.’ And everyone tells me, ‘You’re so pretty’, and then it was a big realisation that I don’t understand anything, that I feel like I’m not cultured enough, that I’m stupid sometimes.”
I think we can all relate to that. You think you’re very worldly until someone or something pushes your thinking in a new way and helps you to see things differently. I think we’re all continuously growing and learning about the world around us.

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Berlinale Premiere "Unknown /Unknown Identity" Buehnen Praesentation

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