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As announced in the end of 2010, CAPACETE is searching for new direction formats, which should rethink its many forms of action. The transition shall occur during year 2012.

We have started a series of meetings to discuss the main topics of this transformation and the steps to be followed. The first happened in Rio de Janeiro in the beginning of February, where a preliminary comission made up by Jorge Menna Barreto, Renata Lucas, Daniel Steegman, Rafael RG, Amilcar Packer, Bruno Caracol, Joana Conceição, Roberto Moreira, Daniela Casto and Helmut Batista started a process of debate and brainstorm on the guidelines for such transition.

During this 4-day meeting, we also had special guests Denise Milfont, Ernesto Neto, Arto Lindsay, Marcia Ferran, Marta Mestre, Afonso Luz, Simone Michelin and Rosa Melo, in an intent to listen to different voices of professionals from the field of contemporary thinking. The several emails received in response to the first announcement were also taken into consideration. Last week, we had one more meeting in São Paulo in the presence of Ligia Nobre, Suely Rolnik, Raquel Garbelotti, Ana Tomé, Carla Zaccagnini and Runo Logomarsino.

CAPACETE is basically consisted of 2 structures. The first is dedicated to the Residency Program, hosting up to 6 residents at a time: 3 in Rio de Janeiro and 3 in São Paulo, which totals around 20 professionals per year. The second structure is in Rio de Janeiro and works as a guest house for different professionals related to contemporary thinking, who can come for different periods of time. Here, we host around 500 people a year.

CAPACETE works and is financed by a network of international institutions and foundations, which have made possible a continuous programme of residencies with professionals coming from different nationalities. CAPACETE’s activities also include production of new work by the artists and residents, lectures, publications, workshops and exhibitions.

We very dearly thank all the suggestions and ideas sent in response to our first announcement and inform that we are still open to suggestions which may come after this message.

Main topics discussed and defined during the meetings:
1 – The completion for the transition and deadline for the new direction to be settled in is December 2012;
2 – The new model will necessarily have an advisory board;
3 – We wish to increase the participation of Brazilians and Latin-americans;
4 – The new administration should pay special attention to continuing and strengthening the international relations which already exist;
5 – New partnerships, private and public, in Brazil will have a growing importance;
6 – The mandates for the future directors will be of 2 years, with the possibility for extension;
7 – The form of selection is still being discussed: international open call or by invitation;
8 – It is expected that the new direction creates its own agenda of activities, as well as a sustainable administrative model;
9 – Despite the forthcoming changes in the administrative and artistic direction, CAPACETE’s founder – Helmut Batista – will remain active as part of the advisory board and will follow the transition in 2012.

Until the end of June 2011, we will take into consideration the replies to this announcement. By July of the same year, the final guidelines for the selection process shall be made public.

Participants of the meetings:
Jorge Menna Barreto: artist and researcher; lives in São Paulo
Bruno Caracol: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Daniela Casto: writer and curator; lives in São Paulo
Joana Conceição: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Marcia Ferran: urbansit and public policies; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Raquel Garbelotti: artist; lives in São Paulo
Arto Lindsay: musician; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Runo Logomarsino: Sweedish/Argentinian artist; lives in São Paulo
Renata Lucas: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Afonso Luz: public policies; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Rosa Melo: producer; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Marta Mestre: curator; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Simone Michelin: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Denise Milfont: actress; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Ernesto Neto: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Ligia Nobre: architect; lives in São Paulo
Roberto Moreira Junior: artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Amilcar Packer: artist; lives in São Paulo
Rafael RG: artist; lives in São Paulo
Suely Rolnik: psychotherapist, cultural critic and curator; lives in São Paulo
Daniel Steegmann: Spanish artist; lives in Rio de Janeiro
Ana Tomé: director of Centro Cultural de España in São Paulo
Carla Zaccagnini: artist; lives in São Paulo

The following artists, curators, critics, etc. have been in residency at CAPACETE or have participated in the events held between 1998 and 2011:

Angela Detânico & Rafael Lain / Andrea Fraser / Amilcar Packer / Anders Smebye / Adriana Lara / Anri Sala / Alexander Vaindorf / Ana Infante / Adriá Julia / Adriana Pineda / Alberto Peral / ASAF / Bruno Vianna / Bart Lodewijks / Bik van der Pol / Brígida Baltar / Brice Dellsperger / Bruno Serralongue / Christodoulos Panayiotou / Cristina Ribas / Cristobal Lehyt / Dan Halter / Camila Rocha / Carla Zaccagnini / Caspar Stracke / Chelpa Ferro / Christian Lemmerz and Michael Kvium / Daniela Bershan / Daniel Salomon / Danilo Volpato / Diego Fernandez / Dominique Gonzales-Foerster / Ducha / Duplus / Elfi Turpin / Elke Uitentuis / Eija Liisa Ahtila / Elizabeth Smorez / Enrico David / Esteban Alvarez / Felipe Mujica / Felipe Lacerda / Falke Pisano / Frederikke Hansen / Gabriel Lester / Gilda Mantilla&Raimond Chaves / Gregor Passens / Frank Neuman / Gustavo Ferraz / Hans-Christian Dany / Harun Farocki / Hasou Hongxiang / Inti Guerrero / Isabelle Arthuis / Isabela Prado / Jari Haanperä / Jarbas Lopes / Johanna Unzueta / Johan Grimonprez / Joachim Koester / Jean-Pascal Flavien / João Modé / Jonas Ohlsson / Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba / Juha Nenonen / Kristofer Paetau / Krist Gruijthuijsen / Julia Rometti&Victor Costales / Kasper Pedersen / Leonora Antunes / Lisa Rovner / Lise Harlev / Liisa Lounila / Luidgi Beltrami / Luis Fernando Ramirez / Marcos Raphael / Marcos Chaves / Ariana del Castilo / Mako Ishizuka / Marssares / Marcel Dzama / Matthew Buchinkham / Mika Taanila / Michael Roy / Marie-Ange Guilleminot / Margit Leisner / Marepe / Markus Henttonen / Mariana Castillo Deball / Miyuki Kawamura / Miwa Yannagi / Nobuyoshi Araki / Otto Berchem / Paulo Vivacqua / Pierre Huyghe / Pierre Bismuth / Mohamed Bourouissa / Raimundas Malasauskas / Rodney Graham / Raquel Guerra / Roseline Rannoch / Rubens Pileggi / Ricardo Basbaum / Ricado Resende / Rubens Mano / Santiago Garcia Navarro / Sarah Farah / Sanna Kannisto / Sharon Lockhart / Seppo Renavall / Shimabukuro / Stephen Dean / Susan Norrie / Tamar Guimarães / Tamara Stuby / Tetine / Tellervo Kalleinen / Thiago Rocha Pitta / Tiago Carneiro da Cunha / Tsuzuki Kyoichi / Taro Shinoda / Tsuyoshi Ozawa / Vitor Cesar / Vimukti Jayasundera / Wouter Osterholt / Uri Tzaig entre outros

you can read Pablo Leon de la Barra's text on Capacete here

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