Alex Pettyfer Admits Love Is 'Very Complicated'

Alex Pettyfer Admits Love Is 'Very Complicated'

World Premiere of "I Am Number Four".Village Theatre, Westwood, CA.February 9, 2011. (Bauer Griffin)

Alex Pettyfer split from his I Am Number Four co-star Dianna Agron last week, and he's confessed love isn't so easy to maintain.

Speaking before his break-up with the blonde actress, Alex told BANG Showbiz: “It’s a very complicated thing, love. There’s always something trying to muck it up.”

Alex, 20, met Dianna on the set of the new sci-fi movie last year, and he admits he fell for the 24-year-old beauty’s “classic” star quality.

He added: “She’s this kind of old, classic movie star. She brings this lightness to the movie and I think that the romance on screen is something that is a beautiful thing because even though my character is superhuman he is reluctant to be so.

“The thing that John’s destiny is, he’s destined to be this warrior but he just wants to be a normal kid. The more he falls in love the more his legacies kick in and that’s a great dynamic.”

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