Invited by curator Kiki Mazzucchelli I developed this tropical diagram/chronogram, as an attempt and a first approximation to construct a new tropical history and historiography. It was also freely inspired (and a response to) Alfred Barr's 'Cubism and Abstract Art' from 1936 and to Ad Reinhardt’s, 'How to Look at Modern Art in America', 1946.

As any collection, it is necessarily incomplete, please feel free to suggest names and moments you believe are absent. If you have some friends that we overlooked there are some extra bananas, fill in!

The poster also includes the Novo Museo Tropical Manifesto, and is also an attempt to create an expanded field for tropical manifestations, which de-localises it from any geography (or brasilianes). As the Manifesto says: 'Being Tropical is not about location, it's about attitude.'

Click on drawing to make it bigger and be able to read it, feel free to download it and print it.

The poster bananeiro tropical was printed as an edition of A1 posters as part of the project 'O Cartaz Como Espaco Expositivo Expandido', curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli and designed by Mel Duarte, with the support of the Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo. Two other posters were printed as part of the project, one curated by Carla Zaccagnini, the other by Inti Guerrero, more on them later.

Alfred Barr, 'Cubism and Abstract Art', Diagram, MOMA, 1936

Ad Reinhardt, 'How to Look at Modern Art in America', PM magazine, June 2, 1946.
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