"From Prada To Nada" advance screening passes giveaway!!

Here's a great promotion that the studios have offered to my followers!

FROM PRADA TO NADA will hit  theaters January 28, 2011.  The fun comedy stars Alexa Vega, Camilla Belle, Wilmer Valderrama, Kuno Becker and Adriana Barraza. The film is a re-telling of Jane Austen’s novel, “Sense and Sensability” with a Latin spin. Two wealthy sisters (Camilla and Alexa) lose their father and their estate in Beverly Hills and suddenly their lives are turned upside down. They move to East LA to live with their estranged aunt Aurelia (Adriana) and struggle to adjust to a modest lifestyle.

This film is flirty and fun, but also embraces Hispanic culture. With an all-star Hispanic cast, the film follows the journey of these two sisters who learn that going “from prada to nada” might not be such a bad thing.

Here's the promotion!  Please enter by posting to this e-mail if you are interested in passes for the following markets.   Please post your name, email and I would appreciate your "following" my blog and would love a link to yours so that I can do the same.  The screenings will take place on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 7:30pm.  This give away would run starting January 7 – January 21.
Winners will be sent a PDF with their passes.

I will award passes to the first TEN entries in each of these markets (each pass admits two!):
New York                                    
San Diego                                
Santa Clara   
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